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Acreages is a leading weekend home developer, specializing in residential, weekend home, and mixed-use projects. Our emphasis is on creating clear title projects with a seamless process that integrates harmoniously with nature.

We develop a diverse range of projects, including weekend homes, budget homes, residential NA plot projects, farmhouse projects, luxury homes, and mixed-use developments.

We have passionately dedicated over 12 years to our work.

We Commemorate the Triumph of Our 6+ Successfully Delivered Projects.

Required documents usually include identification proof, address proof, PAN card. Our Sales/legal team will guide you through the documentation process.

You can book a property by visiting our corporate office, contacting our sales team, or through our website. A booking amount will be required to secure your property.

Acreages projects are located in prime areas near to Mumbai and emerging markets in Maharashtra. You can find specific Project and their locations on our website or by contacting our sales team.

Prices vary depending on the location, size, and type of property. Please contact our sales team for detailed pricing information.

With every project We offer various financing options through partnerships with leading banks and financial institutions, including home loans, construction loans, and EMI payment plans.

Certainly, we do offer a dedicated Relationship Manager to assist throughout the entire property purchasing process.

All of our projects are freehold, granting you complete ownership. Specific details are available for each project on our website or by contacting our sales team.

Our Project and relevant developments are designed to offer a peaceful, friendly, and secure environment with like-minded HNI individuals who value relaxation and quality time. Our developments are designed to foster a vibrant and inclusive community.

Yes, we occasionally offer special discounts, pre- bookings offer, and promotional packages. Please check with our sales team for current offers or please visit the OFFER page on our website.

Yes, we offer referral programs where existing customers as well as new customers can earn rewards for referring new buyers to our projects. Please check with our sales team for current offers or please visit the REFERRAL page on our website.

While specific ROI can vary, Projects in prime locations with good amenities typically see strong appreciation and rental income potential.

Yes, we offer special programs and guidance for first-time buyers, including financial advice, legal support, and personalized assistance.

Our pre- and after-sales support includes assistance with all the things, legal, and any other concerns you may have post-purchase.

You can reach our customer support team via phone +91 9029012529 (whatsapp)  email – , or through our website’s contact form. We are committed to addressing your queries promptly.

Yes, all our projects are fully compliant with local regulations, Legal Things , and environmental guidelines.

Acreages Developers provide clients with access to legal expertise, project insights, investment types, and financial resources to help them make well-informed decisions and achieve their financial objectives in the weekend home real estate market.

Yes, our legal team will assist you with all necessary documentation and ensure that all legal requirements are met.

Yes, you can check the footer section on the website and select your preferred language. The entire website will then be translated into your chosen language.

We maintain transparent communication through regular updates, detailed documentation, and dedicated relationship managers to assist you throughout the buying process.

We prioritize transparency, quality, timely updates, and comprehensive support to ensure a positive experience for our customers.

Our process includes market research, land acquisition, design and planning, securing permits, construction, and sales. We ensure each step meets high standards of quality and sustainability.

Acreages select locations based on factors such as market demand, infrastructure development, accessibility, and potential for growth and appreciation.

The timeline for possession varies depending on the stage of Project and the plan. We provide regular updates to keep you informed about the progress.

Additional costs may include registration fees, Development Charges, maintenance charges, and utilities. Our sales team can provide a detailed breakdown.

No, As developers, we do not charge any brokerage fees to the customer’s.

Channel Partners

Benefits include access to a wide range of Projects, training and support, High potential for commissions or incentives, and the opportunity to build a network within the industry.

To become a channel partner, you can reach out to us directly or through website and inquire about partnership opportunities. we have procedures for onboarding channel partners.

Channel partners act as intermediaries between Acreages Developers and potential buyers or tenants, facilitating property transactions and providing support throughout the process.

While there may not be specific qualifications or certifications required, having a background in sales, marketing, or passionate for real estate can be beneficial.

Channel partners typically earn commissions or incentives based on the successful completion of property transactions they facilitate. The amount may vary depending on the project.

Yes, we offer training programs for channel partners to familiarize them with their products, services, sales techniques, and industry regulations

Acreages Developers may provide various forms of support, including access to Online -Offline Marketing support, marketing materials, training programs, sales tools, and ongoing assistance from a dedicated support team.

Acreages Developers regularly update Project listings with accurate information on availability, pricing, features, and specifications to our Channel Partners with reliable and transparent manner.


Yes, channel partners may offer post-transaction support, including assistance with Acreages Developers and addressing any post-sale inquiries or issues.

For Joining process, Projects Details, Commission Payout, Booking Structure and other details Please connect with our Dedicated Team Player.

Mr. Shashikant Sharma (Sr. Sourcing Manager – Channel Sales)
+91 8652147931 (Call/Whatsapp )  or  

Weekend Home Projects

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Yes, NRIs can invest in residential plots and land parcels in India for future development or investment purposes. Residential plots offer flexibility for construction of custom-designed homes or development of residential projects.

Yes, NRIs can invest in holiday homes and vacation rentals in India for personal use or rental income. Holiday homes offer a retreat for vacations and weekends, while vacation rentals generate rental income from short-term stays by tourists and travellers.

NRIs do not need special permission to invest in most sectors in India. However, certain investments may require approval from the RBI or other regulatory bodies.

Yes, NRIs can invest in Indian real estate, including residential and commercial properties. However, certain restrictions may apply, such as the number of properties that can be purchased and repatriation of funds.

NRIs can purchase property in India by following the same process as resident Indians. They need to ensure compliance with the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) regulations and other legal requirements.

Yes, NRIs can avail home loans from Indian banks to purchase property in India. The loan eligibility and terms may vary for NRIs compared to resident Indians.

Yes, NRIs can purchase property jointly with resident Indians or other NRIs. However, certain conditions may apply, and all owners must adhere to FEMA regulations.

Farmer Certificate

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