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Where Every Farmhouse Tells a Story

At Serenity Park, we invite you to embrace the beauty of nature with the majestic Malshej Ghat Mountains and exquisite Farmsteads residences nestled in a picturesque setting.

Savor the expansive green spaces, gentle rolling forest hills, and breathtaking panoramic views that inspire tranquillity. Enjoy the open skies, fresh air, flowing streams, and stunning landscapes where every moment is an opportunity to connect with nature and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Come, Experience the peaceful retreat of Serenity Park!


Free Stamp Duty & Registration
Free Farmer Certificate
Free Development Charges
Free Drip irrigation
Free Entire Plot Fencing
Free Plantation
Free Bungalow Design
Free Maintenance

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Violet Park - II

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Location Is Key – Uncover Every Detail!


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Uncover the Unique Features of Our Project

Spacious & Comfortable Farmsteads
Serenity Park’s Farmsteads residences are designed to provide Spacious living spaces and a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. Experience the joy of open floor plans, large windows that invite natural light, and private outdoor areas for relaxation and entertaining.
Thoughtfully designed swimming pools, Gym, Gardens, cozy fireplaces, and inviting gathering spaces are just a few of the features that make these Farmsteads perfect for creating lasting memories with family and friends.

Farm-to-Table Lifestyle
Serenity Park offers the opportunity to cultivate your own gardens providing a source of fresh, organic and chemical-free farm vegetables for your family with embracing a farm-to-table lifestyle.
By cultivating your own gardens and, you can experience the rewards of fresh, organic vegetables while nurturing a deeper connection with the land.

Fruits and Flowers at your Farmsteads
At your farmsteads, we can cultivate a diverse range of fruits and flowers to create a vibrant and bountiful environment. Adding a touch of simplicity and charm to the landscape, you may create garden with lawn & multiple fruits and flowers. Your gardens should showcase a variety of flowers, including wide range of colours and fragrances and premium fruits that suits your personality. We cultivate various fruits and flowers which bring elegance and beauty to our farmsteads.

Expert Guidance and Amenities
Engage in hands-on activities such as planting, weeding, and harvesting under the guidance of experienced instructors. With the water-saving techniques such as drip irrigation with 22+ Amenities you are enjoying Farmsteads lifestyle.

Holistic Benefits
Spend time in nature tending to your garden, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and mental well-being. Engage in physical activity through gardening tasks, promoting fitness and vitality. Develop a deeper connection with the natural world and appreciate the rhythms of the seasons.

Rental Income: Operating the Farmstead as a bed and breakfast establishment can attract travellers looking for a cozy and authentic rural experience. Renting out the Farmstead on the OTAs to the guests for short-long term stays, weekend getaways, or events such as weddings, retreats, or corporate gatherings can be a significant source of revenue. Also Selling farm produce, eggs, dairy products, or hosting pick-your-own events can contribute to revenue.

Project Features

Where Location Makes the Difference

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Investing in Murbad, a town situated near the financial hub of India, Mumbai, presents several compelling advantages. Here are a few reasons why people consider investing in Murbad:

Proximity to Mumbai: Murbad’s close proximity to Mumbai offers convenient access to the city’s economic opportunities, employment centres, and amenities while providing a quieter and more serene living environment away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Real Estate Boom: The Weekend Home real estate sector in Murbad is booming, with increasing demand for Weekend Home properties due to factors like affordability, accessibility to Mumbai, and potential for appreciation. Also, Real estate in Murbad is still relatively more affordable, making it an attractive option for investors looking for value and potential appreciation.

Potential for Weekend Home Investments: Murbad’s fertile land and favourable climate with a peaceful and serene lifestyle make it conducive for agricultural activities and farmhouse developments, catering to the growing demand for weekend getaways and farm-to-table experiences.

Scenic Surroundings and Tourism: Murbad’s picturesque surroundings, lush greenery, and proximity to natural attractions such as Malshej Ghat, Waterfalls, lakes, hills, Forts and forests points make it an appealing destination for investors seeking a tranquil and idyllic living environment. Also its offer opportunities for tourism and recreation-based investments, including Weekend Home stay, resorts, eco-tourism ventures, and adventure activities.

Rapid Infrastructure Development: With ongoing infrastructure development projects and improvements in connectivity, such as 4 Expressway networks and Kalyan – Murbad Railway Line, Murbad is witnessing rapid growth and urbanization, which bodes well for future property value appreciation.

Emerging Industrial and Commercial Hub: Murbad is emerging as an industrial and commercial hub, attracting businesses, manufacturing units, and commercial establishments due to its strategic location, availability of land, and favourable business environment.

Overall, Murbad’s strategic location, affordability, natural beauty, and growth prospects make it an enticing investment destination for individuals and businesses seeking promising opportunities outside of Mumbai.


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